Sunday, 4 October 2009


Its that time of the month...

MAGAZINE TIME. (raise the roof. go on, raise it good. raise it like its the love child of Donnatella (Versace) and Kermit (the frog).) Once a month I leave the house (traumatic from a sociopaths perspective but its only once a month and i manage somehow) and i go and spend my wages on i-D, DAZED&CONFUSED and the occasional Interview magazine and then i spend the rest of that month POURING over EVERY DAMN PAGE. its not a pretty sight but ITS MY LIFE.

The new i-D wasn't there so i bought POP instead. Now last time i bought POP it was Katie Grands last issue as editor and it was just a bit naff. (plus i couldn't help noticing the overuse of bare boobs; i mean they were EVERYWHERE...watching me with staring nipples)

this one was the booby-enriched issue.

But with the relaunch, the newly appointed editor (Dasha Zhukova) has born a diamond.

I love Damien Hirst's butterfly embellished cover and the innovative editorials are sublime. im so ready for the next issue.

plus i immensely love the YSL shirt Tavi Gevinson is wearing on the cover. 

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