Monday, 13 December 2010

somewhere between insomnia and dreaming

Sunday, 12 December 2010


ive got too much on my mind but not enough in my head.
angst angst angst.
(silent, contemplative LOL)

ive been thinking about being qualified.
its a royal bugger. i wish i was in the moments where one could say "fuck it" and relocate.

i have a path, ive had a path and i cant help but be distracted. hoping its temporary. but this routine is making me sob (hypothetically/hyper pathetically)

so its late, im distracting myself and i will entertain my imagination by pretending to have a captive audience. virtual of course. no such audiences in reality, darl'. and this is the point where i look over my thoughts and edit but its too late to care so here are some pictures.

for art. (always for art. taking a drag of the cigarette OF SLEF INDULGENCE) lovely. 
the whole "concept" was about religion, but i say that loosely because there is no real concept ever, only vague pseudo-thoughts that never fully form and just land as nublie pretensiouso on my page.
inspiRRRed by Vinca Petersen

i feel ill

Saturday, 4 December 2010


feeling frustrated. calls for nostalgia. these are photos old and new and just a bunch of shit that i liked. some of these were for gcse art. i need to collect all my art stuff but its whereabouts are question marked. i knew its only stupid school work art but it signifies a lot of time. and im in the mood to REDISCOVER. LOLLLSSSSSSSSSSSQ.

ughhhh. its got me feeling blue. azure blue. eh i like colourrrr. okay. whut.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010


unfortuna, my room being a mess equates my head being one too.

but anysnootch, i took some pictures of me wearing my old ju jitsu gi. nostLOLgia. i also wore some customised shorts to 'complete' the whole 'look'. do you need anymore reasons to hate me? (I LOVE MY LIFE AS A DICKHEEEAAAD)

i was doing something interesting in psychology today about memory recall and it made me think of everytime you listen to a certain song or smell a certain smell and it reminds you of a previous 'stage' in your existance so far. and it made me realise how much a i hated re-experiencing a memory, incase the original one is replaced by a re-experienced one. okay this isnt making sense anymore which tells me i NEED TO PUT MORE CAPITAL LETTERS IN. ARGAGARGRGARAG IM JEREMY SCOTT. OKAY. IF YOU HAVENT STOPPED READING, YOU ARE TOO POLITE AND I URGE YOU TO STOP.

till next time folks

Thursday, 18 November 2010


trio of grimaces. natural beauty. porcelain complexion. overall its tres tres beauty.

these were t'photos for t'art (is called egoccentric soft porno or maybe its just narcissism)

in other news, i inherited a grizzly new jacket. painfully on trend, remarkably vintage. all of a sudden im feeling cliche. meh. i shrug the feeling.

    my true raw self
 my true raw self close up

sick. love it. 
also becca, and other whoms it may concern, this is not helvetica. its trebuchet darl, tres boo chay chay.