Sunday, 24 January 2010


well well well.

My sister (shout out to my one unofficial follower BOOYAH) is off to see Lady Gaga in concert very soon indeed. Me and she (my sister not Gaga) enjoy a good old confab and the subject of our discussions usually centre around fierceness (BEYONCE), Class A Tools (RIHANNA), hilarity-in-the-form-of-viral-videos (TOO MANY TO LIST) or food (were self proclaimed foodies).

good times.

but there is one thing that has slipped our grasp (well not really but as a collective entity we have flitted from opinion to opinion) and that is Lady Gaga. When she first came on the scene it was very much a case of;
"okay okay. trashy ho humping an inflatable creature. getting naked and looking drunk. singing along to a song that consisted of inane noises. what else is new?"

then she wore herve leger (see below). and she was officially dismissed. by me anyway. ill need to confirm with my sister from the same mister. so yeah she jumped on the bandage dress bandwagon. boo.
But then she started giving interviews and that got me intrigued. She was smart, relatively funny, loved art and fashion, talked about pop culture from an interesting perspective and was a classically trained musician . So why where her songs (lyrics in particular) so shite? strange. Then she got a reputation for being "creative" and that bothered me/us. I/we felt she was getting way to much credit for using designers to sell an image rather than her music. And it worked which was also rather annoying. And she is always coined as "wierd" and "kooky" yet before she was famous she seemed like the standard american girl. nothing like "Lady Gaga". we couldnt help observing that the more 'outlandish' she dressed, the more famous she got. Then Rihanna (dont even get me started on that fool) jumped on THAT bandwagon and tried to convince the world that she was an 'artist'. pah. anyway. 

Then we realised (well my sister did first, i doubted but eventually agreed) that lady gaga is CLEVER. boom. The music she makes is 'pop'. its exactly that; its popular. She obviously is into fashion (gaga GAGA AND NICOLA FORMACETTI AN HAUS OF GAGA make some fierce choices EXCEPT her early mistakes) and to get the budget to manifest her interest in fashion she has crafted music for the masses. And now she can wear any label she likes and perform how the hell she wants and still have like a MILLION number ones under her (fieeeeerce) belt. CLEVER.

to top it all off. 'Bad Romance' was better than average. AND THE VIDEO WAS GENIUS. when that oil-like embellished alexander mcqueen came on it was a MOMENT TO REMEMBER. still not keen on her music but i have to admit, shes pretty fierce when she feels like it. (anyone who wears gareth pugh is a friend of mine)
P.s. im sorta jealous my sister going to see her. i mean i would only go if i could take earplugs but the fashion would be sooooo worth it x


oh wow i feel refreshed. i haven't posted since my 'corporate apology' in october (it took a lot out of me, i have to say). but new year new me, right? procrastinating GOODBYE. and i'm bloody 16 now. i almost feel old enough to comment on the 'crazy youth' and smoke a pipe and sip whisky. I'm really anticipating getting to the age where you can talk to cats and wear all tartan and pee freely and no-one judges.... bliss. ill give it a few years.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah good times. so anyway, my past few months have been standardly dull. (i may be a year older but i'm still a social recluse) apart from going to London which is always a day of shiny happiness. we went to the saatchi gallery which was awesome (sloane square and everywhere in the close, higher class vicinity is terrifying though. i have never felt so out of context.... apart from in PE..... thats just awful. AWFUL.)

AHA. and i got the polaroid camera. AND THE SEWING MACHINE. all i need now is some talent and all the knowledge there is about fashion AND IM SET.

so. yeah. i should be doing coursework right now. bad times.

ill see YOU later