Sunday, 24 January 2010


oh wow i feel refreshed. i haven't posted since my 'corporate apology' in october (it took a lot out of me, i have to say). but new year new me, right? procrastinating GOODBYE. and i'm bloody 16 now. i almost feel old enough to comment on the 'crazy youth' and smoke a pipe and sip whisky. I'm really anticipating getting to the age where you can talk to cats and wear all tartan and pee freely and no-one judges.... bliss. ill give it a few years.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah good times. so anyway, my past few months have been standardly dull. (i may be a year older but i'm still a social recluse) apart from going to London which is always a day of shiny happiness. we went to the saatchi gallery which was awesome (sloane square and everywhere in the close, higher class vicinity is terrifying though. i have never felt so out of context.... apart from in PE..... thats just awful. AWFUL.)

AHA. and i got the polaroid camera. AND THE SEWING MACHINE. all i need now is some talent and all the knowledge there is about fashion AND IM SET.

so. yeah. i should be doing coursework right now. bad times.

ill see YOU later 

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