Sunday, 12 December 2010


ive got too much on my mind but not enough in my head.
angst angst angst.
(silent, contemplative LOL)

ive been thinking about being qualified.
its a royal bugger. i wish i was in the moments where one could say "fuck it" and relocate.

i have a path, ive had a path and i cant help but be distracted. hoping its temporary. but this routine is making me sob (hypothetically/hyper pathetically)

so its late, im distracting myself and i will entertain my imagination by pretending to have a captive audience. virtual of course. no such audiences in reality, darl'. and this is the point where i look over my thoughts and edit but its too late to care so here are some pictures.

for art. (always for art. taking a drag of the cigarette OF SLEF INDULGENCE) lovely. 
the whole "concept" was about religion, but i say that loosely because there is no real concept ever, only vague pseudo-thoughts that never fully form and just land as nublie pretensiouso on my page.
inspiRRRed by Vinca Petersen

i feel ill


  1. Wow thanks for putting everything I feel when I'm like that into words.. Sometimes being distracted is shit but can definately help put things into perspective! Gorgeous photos too xx

  2. An honour to inspire such an interesting person. Vinca (;