Wednesday, 24 November 2010


unfortuna, my room being a mess equates my head being one too.

but anysnootch, i took some pictures of me wearing my old ju jitsu gi. nostLOLgia. i also wore some customised shorts to 'complete' the whole 'look'. do you need anymore reasons to hate me? (I LOVE MY LIFE AS A DICKHEEEAAAD)

i was doing something interesting in psychology today about memory recall and it made me think of everytime you listen to a certain song or smell a certain smell and it reminds you of a previous 'stage' in your existance so far. and it made me realise how much a i hated re-experiencing a memory, incase the original one is replaced by a re-experienced one. okay this isnt making sense anymore which tells me i NEED TO PUT MORE CAPITAL LETTERS IN. ARGAGARGRGARAG IM JEREMY SCOTT. OKAY. IF YOU HAVENT STOPPED READING, YOU ARE TOO POLITE AND I URGE YOU TO STOP.

till next time folks


  1. you are such a proud lioness. and i love your knees. but the mere thought of you doing ju jit su makes me want to barf up my noodles. BARF BARF BARF. just kidding kinda....


  2. Hey Adam, I don't know what you're talking about! You have an amazing talent to look great in photographs and an awesome sense of style and ingenuity!

  3. HAHA loving that little rise in tension when your letters turn into capitals :)

    And I agree with the above comment - you always turn out amaze in photographs!
    Be happy :)

  4. Aee, nufer great post, liking the shirt. I even think i get what your on about with the memory thing ;) Thanks for the such lurvly comment, i really wish ergy erg meant that!