Sunday, 21 March 2010


AHAHAHA THIS PHOTO IS FIT FOR PUNNING. I had to stop myself from putting "ive got the whole world in my hands" as the title (because FIRSTLY, it brings be back to old school assembly choirs and SECONDLY, it suggested that i was God which i thought was so blatantly narcissistic - but true -  that i couldnt possibly get away with it. Also, if i claimed to be God, i'd get the whole christian community on my ass. and thats just not fun. AND THIRDLY (wow. thats a strange sounding word) its just completely unfunny... yet ive managed to write a mini fucking dissertation on it). 

Anyway, it looks more like i have a gargantuan, bulbous abscess on my face, complete with continents of its own BUT, IT SERVES A PURPOSE. 

That purpose is to illustrate my point. 


I want to CONQUER THE WORLD. no, i joke. how HILAR! I just want to SEE the world. I JUST WANNA GO EVERYWHERE.

i think it is the impending New York venture that has brought on my fascination with globe trotting. Or it could also be that my dream of being Amelie Poulain (French), or Ofelia and her crazy labyrinth friends (Spanish) or Björk (icelandic) or a Moomin (finnish). OR it could be the fact that my habit of subconsciously copying EVERYTHING my sister does, means that i want to travel the world EXACTLY HOW SHE DID. WHILE DRESSING LIKE HER. AND PRETENDING TO BE HER. twitch twitch.

A N Y W A Y, i have impatient feet that want to leave footprints all over the world. FIRSTLY, NEW YORK. "If i can make it there, I can make it anywhere..."


  1. mahahahahaha! your big sister is watching!

    you wannabe.

    but ditto.

  2. Found your blog through twitter (thanks for following meeee) and I'm loving it so far! Not only do we share a mutual obsession.... err I mean, love of Gareth Pugh, but this post basically sums up what I'm feeling right now. I feel like I want to just do everything and nothing at the same time!! I've never been to NY but I'm heading back to London this summer which is just an insane city... I can't wait


  3. you would make a lovely moomin =]