Monday, 29 March 2010


Kelis has always been a bit fierce. (C'MON WHO DIDNT ENJOY SINGING 'MILKSHAKE' OR 'CAUGHT OUT THERE'?) I like that she iss more than the generic r&b (YEAH. YOU AMERIE/CASSIE etc.) and most of the time, her hair is SO YUM. ANYWAY she has a a new video out for 'acapella' (the song is a bit naff) but it looks FIERCE. so i thought 'why stop there?' AND I CRAMMED ALL ME FAVE KELIS VIDEOS IN THIS WEE BOX. (got them from loads of different websites so may be shite qaulity but its the thought that counts right?)

Lil' Star

Millionaire feat Andre 3000

Caught out there

Kelis - Caught Out There
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