Saturday, 6 March 2010


So. Yeah. Gareth pugh has been rumoured to be the designer to take over the  McQueen brand. AND THAT IS COOL WITH ME. (he might venture into COLOURED CLOTHING... although his monochrome is his 'thing' and is fierce.... BUT COLOUR ---- @LadyinLeopard YOU GET ME)

... uhm ignore the 'skiing nun' article beneath it. weird.


Im actually really happy that the brand is continuing and im hoping it will become a platform for new faces and collaborations.

I knew this blog was missing something, so now is the perfect oppurtunity to fill the void with shitloads of pictures of GARETH (and his work..... LOVE HIM).

If you didn't know him already then youll probably recognise the celebrities that have worn pugh so far: pour example, Lady gaga wore the above triangular masterpiece somewhat pictured above^ , beyonce wore shit loads of pugh for the 'diva' vid and her EMA performance and daphne guinness is always impartial to a bit of Gareth. AREN'T WE ALL, DAHLING. (ugh. i hate myself sometimes.)

But LOOK. A gareth video for his fall/winter 2009 (he didn't do a regular runway show because he thought it didn't best show off his work). Although, as previously mentioned- beyonce is a fan, and her vid for 'sweet dreams' looks very similar to this video. HIGHLY SUSPISH. looks like someone took some 'inspiration' form the PUGH. Not like i blame her....



  1. oh i can most definitely dig THIS shizzle Made by Machines you goss hub!

    You're a HUB.

    I can only pray Gazza (yep) dives into the realms of Multi-coloured print. that will fly all the way into my books...


  2. wwooooaaaah

    looks like BeyBey (YEP) totes ripped of Gazza! but then, didn't we always find that video a bit suspish?? something in that milk was NOT clean.

    but mesh tops? SWIRLY BLACK INK??? ..... I'm done.