Friday, 5 February 2010


FRUSTRATING. But BEAUTIFUL. Frustrating because he IS ME but a few years older and WAY more TALENTED/PRETTY/AMAZING. AND HE GOT THERE FIRST. goddamn. I love him and his music so I'll just have to let him off this time. BUT NEXT TIME........

YEAH I KNOW. He blatantly dresses better too. OH POO.

 I have also made it a personal aim that me and patrick shall never sport the same hair colour at the same time. It seems we have rotated through most hair colours simultaneously (WE HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON. I THINK WE SHOULD GET MARRIED.... he disagrees.) He is currently bleach blonde (I was last year sometime) so next I WILL BE RED. I cant wait, I love being red IT JUST FEELS RIGHT.

My God. I need to stop overusing capitals BUT I CANT HELP IT.

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